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Bacchus Wine Pourer

Product code 014640R

Size 9cm x Dia 5cm

  • USD $50.00

This pourer complements the existing Bacchus funnel, retaining the same motif of intertwining vines and lush grapes. The pourer is shaped as the head of Bacchus, god of wine and revelry, and comes with a stopper that is also similarly decorated. It comes with a food-grade silicon band that allows the pourer to fit most bottles.

About the Vinifera collection

Inspired by the success of the Wine Celebration funnel which won three international awards, three new funnels have been introduced. This Vinifera collection, which is a grape species used almost exclusively in making wine. All new designs allow for maximum aeration during the decanting process and come with a removable strainer to sieve fine sediment.

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