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Wealth Bowl

Product code 014368E

Size Bowl H5.5cm x Dia 10.5cm, stand H5.5cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm

  • USD $310.00

Taking after the shape of a Chinese rice bowl, this Wealth bowl crafted in pewter and selectively gilt in 24K gold is decorated with Zheng De Tong Bao coins and repeated swastika motifs, a symbol of eternal wealth and good luck.

Each piece comes with a bonded porcelain base. A pewter plate in 8cm (W) x 1.2cm (H) can be affixed onto the base to allow customisation.

About the Wealth bowl collection

Displaying a wealth bowl at home has been practised by the Chinese since ancient times. Normally used for food and rice, a bowl that is filled with items symbolising wealth is believed to usher good fortune. This collection features popular symbols of wealth such as the Zheng De Tong Bao coins, issued during the reign of Ming Dynasty Zheng De emperor, gold ingots and swastika motifs . For those who practise feng shui, they are extremely auspicious as they are believed to accumulate abundance of wealth. There is a saying that ’If a family has a Zheng De coin, there will be riches and honour for ten thousand years.’

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