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Limited Edition Year of the Ram Plaque

Product code ES6819A

Size H31cm x 45cm x 3.5cm

  • USD $1,080.00

Limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide the plaque features three 24k gilded rams against a backdrop of beautiful peony flowers. Engraved with an auspicious phrase ‘San Yang Kai Tai. Fu Ying Chun’, the phrase refers to the return of spring and a new beginning.

This item comes with a plain engravable pewter plate which can be affixed onto the plaque.

About the Year of the Ram collection

The entire collection is based on the expression ‘San Yang Kai Tai’ which refers to the return of spring, signifying a new beginning. As ‘yang’ sounds similar to sun and rhymes with ‘xiang’ which means auspicious, the ram is recognised as a symbol of peace and good fortune. It is often associated with a popular Chinese phrase ‘Xi Qi Yang Yang’ which means great happiness and joy.

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