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Avalokitesvara Figurine

Product code 017426AG

Size 12 cm (L) x 12 cm (W) x 37.5 cm (H)

  • USD $695.00

The serene expression captured here in pewter is typical of Avalokitesvara, also known as the Bodhisattva of compassion, saviour in troubled times and provider of solace and mercy. The figurine is mounted on a black nyatoh wood plinth, under which a short description appears.

It comes packed in a tan finish nyatoh wood box. A pewter plate in 9.1cm (W) x 3.75cm (H) can be affixed onto the base to allow customisation.

About the Dharma collection

The Dharma looks to the beauty of Gandaran and Tibetan artforms, seamless amalgams of Buddhist and Hindu styles, as inspiration for this collection of contemplative objects to encourage a sense of peace and aid in achieving calm.

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