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Promessa Document Holder

Product code 016004R

Size 22.5cm x Dia 2.5cm

  • USD $129.00

Perfect for storing your wedding certificate, the document holder can hold an A4 size document, making it suitable to keep your wedding vows or certificate. It is decorated with intricate lacy floral patterns that encase the document holder in a seamless way without compromising its functionality. The lid of this holder is designed to hold documents securely. Twist and tug the lid off retrieve your document.

About the Promessa collection

Evoking the the romance of fairytale weddings is Promessa or ‘promise’ in Italian- which draws inspiration from the floral motifs found on the lacy bodice and trims of flowing bridal dresses. The beauty of this diaphanous fabric comes from its sensual quality, concealing and displaying simultaneously, which has made an iconic wedding staple among queens, celebrities and today’s brides.

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