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Limited Edition Duende Pendant

Product code LS13540C

Size 4.5cm x 3cm

This pendant symbolises possibilities and grace that flow out of bareness and strength through the twists and turns of a dancer.

Duende is the force or inner spirit believed to be released as a result of the dancer's intense emotional involvement with music, song and dance.

Designer's Profile

A Bachelor of Arts graduate from Harvard University, Bilqis moved to Australia to pursue a Graduate Diploma in choreography and a Masters degree in anthropology. In 2006, Bilqis established the amateur performance group Balletbase. Bilqis also directs the dance programme at Rimbun Dahan, providing residencies for choreographers. She teaches at University of Malaya, and is the President of MyDance Alliance.

In the pendant design Duende, Bilqis has chosen to highlight a figure and movement of a dance.

About the Encore collection

In support of the performing arts industry in Malaysia, Royal Selangor has created Encore, a collection inspired by established local artists. Known for their experimental works in visual and performing arts, the artists have explored the possibilities of pewter in six unique designs, just as they continue to push the boundaries of their artistic pursuits.

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